{FOUR DAYS of FAVORITES} Homeschool Edition


I’m going to try something new here & spend the next four days on the things that I am loving right now in my homeschool, lifestyle, beauty, and food worlds.  I think it will be fun!


First up…homeschool!

My favorite things right now in my homeschool world are:

1.audible Audible

I’m probably the last person on the planet to use Audible, but for years I have winced at the cost of the audio books/membership and just couldn’t get on board.  But, now having 3 daughters, 2 of which are in the teen/tween age group, there is a LOT of talking going on in my mini-van.  After schooling all day, by the time we climb into the van for a night’s full of driving to lessons/practices, sometimes the last thing I have energy for is girl-talk. Not to mention that as the girls have gotten older and schedules busier, I’m not reading aloud as much as I’d like to.  So, Audible to the rescue.  We have been working our way through the Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale and it has been such a wonderful bonding experience for all of us. If you’re not doing it, you need to be.  Audible Free Trial Membership

2. paper Narrow Rule Filler Paper

How did I never know this existed?  Well, it does and it’s the best.  It’s a full 8.5 x 11 inches and you can get so many glorious lines of lists on one sheet.  If they made an ultra-narrow rule I’d love that even more.  Wide rule…my handwriting looks like a right-handed first-grader scribbling left-landed.  Narrow rule…handwriting beauty. You need this.

As a side note…there are freebie options for a variety of different lined papers. Two of the best resources are inspiration hut and printable paper.

And while you’re experimenting, give French rule paper a try. Not an everyday writing paper, but my handwriting has vastly improved since I started (irregularly) practicing on French rule paper.

3. inkowl   Ink Owl Ink Refill Kit

I have always been notoriously stingy with my color ink.  Until I got my Epson WP-4020 wi-fi printer.  And then got the ink owl refill kit.  These cartridges are HUGE and the ink lasts FOREVER. It is so easy to refill and the color is fabulous.

4. iphone-voice-memos-app  Voice Memo app for iPhone

I have recently discovered that I can record my kids’ dictation and spelling words in this simple little native app & text the recordings to them.  Bouncing around back and forth to sit and dictate wasn’t exactly hard, but this is so much easier. And there’s a novelty to it that makes it fun for the kids, I think.

5. Andrew Kern of the CiRCE Institute

What a gem in the world of Classical education.  He is academic without being pedantic and his love of learning (and teaching) is contagious.  This man really knows his stuff and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to become a better teacher and thinker (and parent) through his vast collection of blog posts & audio recordings.  I have been particularly enjoying the Ask Andrew segment of the CiRCE Institute Podcast Network.


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