{FOUR DAYS of FAVORITES} Beauty Edition

For Day 3 of Four Days of Favorites, let’s talk beauty. Visit Day 1 & Day 2.

four days faves beauty

My favorite things right now in the world of beauty are:

  1. lululemonhightimespant  lululemon High Times Pant in full-on luon

My commitment to denim dates back to elementary school.  I have worn jeans and tee-shirts/sweaters/flannels like a uniform for easily 25 years.  Until my wonderful husband overheard one of my friends singing the praises of lululemon leggings.  Being the gallant knight that he is, he quickly rushed out to buy me my first pair (the man is pure gold).  And Oh.My.Word. these are the comfiest britches that have ever adorned my legs.  I know I am a total late-comer on the lululemon/fancy athleisure bandwagon because (a) I do did believe that leggings are not pants and (b) holy bananas these pants are expensive. But, I have seen the light and salvation is mine…from binding, tight, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable trousers, that is.  I can only speak to this particular style of leggings but they are soft as all get-out, keep you cool, and compress in all the right places (I’m not 20 anymore, after all).  I have tried similar leggings from Target and Fabletics but they don’t even come close to the fit and comfort of these, although I do wear those for working out.  If the price is freaking you out…trust me, it’s worth it…you will wear them every day.

2.    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Target/Merona Women’s Favorite Vee Tee

Where the leggings are my splurge, these tees are a frugal favorite.  They regularly go for $9, often are on sale 2 for $16, but I have found them 2 for $10 before!  I have about 8 of them and they are so soft, springy, and lightweight.  They look way more expensive than they are and for the price you can have them in every color.  They layer well with cardigans, flannels, and scarves.  Comfort is my primary goal and these cozy shirts fit the bill while still being cute.  Just a note though…they are made with rayon, which means eventually they will pill, but for as low as $5, just replace them when that happens.

3.    velvethangers  Velvet Hangers

Unless you enjoy pulling a much-loved knit cardigan off the hanger only to find stretched out shoulder “horns”, you need velvet hangers. I have been upgrading my closet with these over the last few months (they sell them everywhere but the AmazonBasics ones are one of the best bargains I’ve found). Not only does the gentle downward curve of the hanger prevent shoulder horns in knitwear & tee shirts, the texture keeps tanks or shirts with swooping necklines from falling off AND the thin design allows you to cram more clothes onto your closet rods.  So you can buy 30 of the favorite vee tees (above) and they’ll all fit! I love it when you can rationalize TWO purchases in one argument.

4.    mascara Clinique High Impact Mascara

I’ve been a Maybelline mascara devotee since high school (aside from the year or so where I worked full-time before kids and treated myself to Lancome mascara…ah, the good old days before penny-pinching parenthood), but middle age is creeping up on me and the newest trouble on my laundry list of age-related changes is dry, sensitive eyes.  My eyelashes are basically clear so mascara is a requirement when presenting myself to the public, but it was getting so bad that all I would think about was getting that irritating shellac off my eyes as soon as possible.  Enter Clinique.  This is the gentlest mascara I have ever used, it lasts all day, and gives moderate length & fullness.  I have not had any issues with it flaking off or leaving me with raccoon eyes. I even accidentally slept in it once because I forgot I had any on.  If you have sensitive eyes, or just want an all around great mascara at a reasonable price, definitely give this stuff a try.

5.  nakedfoundation Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup

Along with sensitive eyes, impending middle age has also graced me with sensitive skin and mild rosacea.  Add to that the skin pigmentation of an albino, and finding a foundation that checks all my boxes is darn near impossible.  I can’t even tell you how many samples I have tried from Sephora & Ulta until I found this stuff.  First, they have my perfect shade (0.5, the lowest they go); second, it is truly weightless; and third, it does not cake and flake on any dry patches.  I cannot stand the feeling of makeup on my face, but like the mascara, I don’t even know I’m wearing this.  I prefer to use a beauty sponge to apply  because of my skin dryness, but it also applies beautifully with a brush (I like this one). My usual routine is my homemade serum (I’ll try to post on this later), moisturizer, sunscreen, then makeup (only if I’m leaving my house).

Well, that does it for today’s faves.  Stay tuned for the final edition tomorrow when I cover my most favorite of faves, food.

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